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The college is running one year Certificate Course in Functional English through the department of English since the academic year 2008-2009. The course is approved by Shivaji University, Kolhapur and financially supported by UGC, Delhi. The students of all the faculties can avail this course. The students have access to well equipped Language Laboratory and are provided with audio/video CDs, books, journals, etc. The faculties of department of English conduct the lectures and practicals of the course.
  • Mrs. S. B. Divekar (M. A.)
  • Faculties:
  • Mr. R. K. Telgote (M. A. SET, NET, PGCTE, M. Phil.)
  • Dr. N. K. Patil (M. A., M. Phil. Ph. D.)
  • Mr. D. A. More (M. A., M. Phil.)
Certificate Course in Computer Applications
Career Oriented Course (COC), titled “Certificate Course in Computer Application”, of one year duration is run in the college. The very object of this course is to make students computer literate and employable along with their regular education.
University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi, has granted this certificate course with Rs 700000 /- as seed money and Shivaji University, Kolhapur has given affiliation to Course. The remarkable thing is that the curriculum of course is developed by college faculty itself and got approved by university.
The college has well furnished computer laboratory equipped with recent hardwares and softwares to run the course. Faculty of Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics involves in conducting classes and practicals. The emphasis is on practicals and four hours per week are allotted to laboratory work. Any HSC passed student can seek admission for the course.
  • R. S. Patil
  • Faculties:
  • R. V. Ajarekar
  • P. A. Gawas
  • R. P. Desai
  • K. S. Gurav
  • S. S. Devan
Our college is situated in Rural and hilly area. The main earning source of people is farming and most of our students are also belongs to farmer community. So looking at the need of society our college has decided to run COC in certificate course in Water and Soil Analysis. By completing this course students will get idea about water and soil analysis which will be beneficial to their family, as well as students will be expertise in analytical techniques, which will help them in future. The chemistry department is also looking forward to provide consultancy about Water and Soil analysis to farmers. The course is approved by Shivaji University, Kolhapur and financially supported by UGC, Delhi. The students have access to well equipped Laboratory and are provided with books, journals, etc.
  • Mr. Salunke R.N. (M. Sc.)
  • Faculties:
  • Dr. Mane M.M ( M.Sc. SET, Ph. D. )
  • Mr. Divate M.S. (M.Sc.)
Taking in to consideration the geographical location, socio-economical aspects and occupational need of rural student, the college has started career oriented course in insurance since the academic year 2012-13 under the department of Commerce and Management with the financial support from UGC New Delhi as seed money. The course is approved by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. As per the syllabus and guideline of Shivaji University, Kolhapur the faculty of commerce and management department conducts regular lecture and practical’s o f the same. The main intend to start the course is to inculcate the knowledge and skill of insurance in rural learners for employment and self-employment. The subsidiary objectives of the course are to create awareness among learners about expanding insurance sector by understanding the fundamental concepts of insurance and its procedure. Similarly, to create competency and build essential qualities in learners to become good insurance consultant and to develop social responsibilities among learners while conducting their insurance profession. The details of the course as under:
  • Dr. T. A. Kamble
  • Faculties:
  • Dr. S. D. Goral
  • Prof. Gawade V. K
  • Prof. Sawant S. K
    Papers: Three papers of 100 marks each
  1. Introduction to Insurance & Insurance procedure
  2. Marketing Insurance Services
  3. Practical (Work experience and Project)
The college has started additional career oriented certificate course in Conservation and Cultivation of Medicinal Plants through the department of Botany from the academic year 2012-2013. The course is approved by Shivaji University Kolhapur and financially supported by UGC-Delhi. The students have access to flora and fauna to well-equipped laboratory and are provided with books, camera, journals, etc. The faculty of Department of Botany conduct the lectures and practicals of the course. Our college is situated on the Western Ghats in the lap of Sahyadri which is a haven of rare floras and faunas. It is abundant with rare botanical species. Therefore, we want to create awareness in society about medicinal plants. The present course is useful for conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants.
  • Dr. A. A. Mane (M. Sc. M.Phil. Ph. D.)
  • Faculties:
  • Mr. Dorugade
  • Mr. V. A. Sardesai (M. Sc. B. Ed)