Supporting Committees

Statutory Committees

Committee Name 
Special Cell Standing Committee Dr. T. A. K [Convener],(PRP, SKJ,RKT)
Anti-ragging Dr. P. R. Patil (Tahasildar, PI, SMP, PLB, SDG, SBD)
Library Advisory Committee Dr. P. R. Patil  (RSG, AYJ, MMP)
Students’ Council committee Dr. P. R. Patil (SMP, SDG,  ADK )
Purchase & College Development: Dr. P. R. Patil   ( SKS, SNP, AAM)
College Examinations( FY) Dr. P. L. Bhadvankar  (SKS, SMP, SRP)
Grievances B. M. Patil  ( SDGoral, RSP)
Internal Complaints ( Ladies) S. B. Divekar  ( PRP, RPB, RKS, AAM, SBJ )

Academic Committees

Committee Name 
Time Tables S. K. Sawant  ( AYJ, LNG )
Examinations, Tests & Assignments L. N. Gaikwad ( PLB, RKS)
UGC & Research Dr. K. N. Nikam  ( NSM, SDGo)
Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Dr. S. D. Goral  ( ADK, NKP )
College Magazine & Wallpapers A. D. Kamble (SNP, SVK, SBD )
COC committee   R. K. Telgote (SBD,RSP, TAK, RNS, AAM)
Scholarships and Prizes  Dr. A. Y. Jadhav (SNP,  NKP ) 

Administrative Committees

Committee Name 
Budgets  & Expenditures S. K. Sawant  (SSS, MMM)
API  Evaluation Dr. M. M. Mane ( SDGo, AYJ)
Discipline   S. M. Patil  ( BMP, VKG, SDG, AAM )
Admissions & Attendance Dr. P. L. Bhadvankar ( BMP, MMM, RKT, SDGo, PAG)
Tutor-Ward and Student Wellfare  Dr. N. S. Masal
Income Tax  S. S. Sawant ( S D Goral )  
Equal Opportunity Center  Dr. T. A. Kamble ( MSD, SBD )
Remedial Coaching Dr.  A. Y. Jadhav  ( KNN, NKP)
Coaching for entry in Services  S. S. Sawant  (TMP,RKT )

Co-curricular & Extracurricular Activities

Committee Name
N S S S. N. Patil ( VKG, NSM, ADK, SDG, NKP, SBD)
Sports committee S. M. Patil  ( LNG, SDGo, RVA)
Staff  Academy  & celebrations A. D. Kamble  ( RAK, VKG)
Cultural Programme Dr. A. A. Mane  (ADK, MSD, SNP)
Publicity Dr. N. S. Masal  (SVK, TMP)
Competitions (Debating, Essay writting etc) L. N. Gaikwad  ( NSM, RAK, SVK)
Lead College S. S. Sawant (RSG, PAG, MMP)
 Plantation ( Mirwel )  V. K. Gawade (KNN, NSM, AAM)
Website    R. V. Ajarekar (MMM, RRD, /Desai)
Feedback  R. S. Patil ( SNP, SDGo)
Competitive Examinations T. M. Patil (RKT, TAK )
Gender sensitization Dr. A. Kamalakar  (PLB, SBD )
Collaborative Programmes L. N. Gaikwad  ( SDGo, RSG)
Alumni & Parent Association Dr. R. N. Salunke ( SKS, SNP,KNN, SBD)
Maintainance Committee B. M. Patil ( SSS,SDG, RVA)
Avishkar  Dr. K. N. Nikam  (SDGo, NSM )
Consultancies Committee Dr. K. N. Nikam( MMM, NSM,SSS,TAK)
Placement & Career Counseling  Dr. R. N Salunkhe ( LNG, TAK, PLB)
Staff welfare    S. S. Sawant ( NSM, RKS ) 


Committee Name
Science Forum & Nature Club M. S. Divate  
Ladies Association  S. B. Divekar
Vivek Vahini  M. S. Divate
Commerce Forum  Dr. S. D. Goral
Economic Association   S. S. Sawant
Geography Association  Dr. N. S. Masal
History Association  T. M. Patil
English Literary Association S. B. Divekar
Hindi Association S. N. Patil
Marathi Literary Association S. V. Kulkarni
Psychology Study Circle  Dr. P. L. Bhadvankar
Socrates Club  Dr. T. A. Kamble
Name Committee
Dr. M. M. Mane   (Coordinator IQAC)
S. K. Sawant ( Sr Teacher)  ( Building Constructions)
Dr. P. L. Bhadvankar ( Sr Teacher- Arts) ( Field work, Study tour, premises Dev.)
B. M. Patil ( Sr Teacher- Science) ( ICT, Equipments, Instru. Maintenance)
Dr. S. D. Goral (sr - Commerce) ( Innov, Compet. Building, Career & Councel)
R. S. Gadakari ( Librarian) ( Books, Journals, Day Care Centre)
R. R. Deshapande ( O. S. )
Committee Name
Academic activities Dr. M. M. Mane
Civil works & Environment Management B. M. Patil
Procurement Dr. P. L. Bhadvankar
Financial Aspects S. K. Sawant
Equity Assurance Plan Implementation R. K. Telgote 
Committee Name
Curricular Aspects Dr. T. A. Kamble ( LNG, SBD, RPD)
Teaching, Learning & Evaluation R. K. Telgote ( AYJ, SNP , SDGo)
Research, Consultancy and Extension Dr. K. N. Nikam (AAM, NSM, RAK)
Infrastructure & Learning Resources R. S. Gadkari ( SMP, RVA, ADK)
Student Support and Progression S. D. Gawade ( SSS, PLB, NKP )
Governance and Leadership  T. M. Patil    ( SVK, BMP, RSP )
Innovative Practices   Dr. R. N. Salunkhe (VKG, MSD )
Displays & Decorations Dr. P. L. Bhadvankar (VKG, SVK, MMP)
Gardening  Dr. R. A. Kamalakar  ( KNN, MMP )