Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


"To provide quality higher education catering to the needs of society on par with the changing global trends in recent times"


To build the  “New India” in which every individual have knowledge, character, sense of service and dedication to contribute comprehensive development of the region, the Nation and the humanity at large.

  1. To render valuable service in the field of education by providing the facilities of higher education to the students of nearby villages. 
  2. To propagate the cause of education and to disseminate the knowledge among the students. 
  3. To train the students in various skills for the all round development of their personalities. 
  4. To inculcate moral values and discipline in students. 
  5. To educate women for progress. 
  6. To keep pace with the changing educational social and global scenario. 
  7. To promote the use of technology in teaching & learning process.
  8. To make efforts to develop the college as the center for community development. 
  9. To aim at the cultural development of society through education.

Composition of IQAC

 IQAC functions to channelize and systematize the efforts and measures  of  an  institution  towards academic excellence.

The IQAC has been constituted in 2008 in the college under the chairmanship of the Principal.

Composition of the IQAC is as under.

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr.P.R.Patil Principal, Chairperson
2 Dr. M.M. Mane Co-ordinator
3 Mr. S.V. Kulkarni Member from teaching faculty
4 Mr. B. M. Patil Member from teaching faculty
5 Dr. R. A. Kamalakar Member from teaching faculty
6 Mr. S. M. Patil Member from teaching faculty
7 Dr. N. K .Patil Member from teaching faculty
8 Mr. A. D. Kamble Member from teaching faculty
9 Mr. V. K. Gawade Member from teaching faculty
10 Mr. R. K. Telgote Member from teaching faculty
11   Member of Management
12   Member from Society.
13 Mr.R.R. Deshpande Member from Administrative Staff
14   Member from Student allumni
15   Member from student


NAAC Criteria wise Committee for the institute re-accreditation report (RAR)

   I Curricular Aspect

    1. Mr. S.V. Kulkarni    Chairman

   II Teaching and Learning Evaluation

    1. Mr. B. M. Patil    Chairman    

   III Research, Innovation and Extension

    1. Dr. R. A. Kamalakar    Chairman    

   IV Infrastructure and Learning Resources

    1. Mr. S. M. Patil          Chairman

    V Student Support and progression

    1. Dr. N. K. Patil        Chairman

  VI  Governance and Leadership

    1.  Mr. A. D. Kamble    Chairman

   VII Institution values and Best practices

    1. Mr. V. K. Gawade     Chairman

 Co-ordinator                                             Principal
 Mr. R. K. Telgote                                       Dr. P. R. Patil