Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


The establishment of a senior college in Chandgad was a dream of our mother institute Khedut Shikshan Mandal (KSM), Kalkundri which came into existence in the year 1998. Keeping in mind the dream of mother institute, R.B Madkholkar Mahavidyalaya Chandgad (formerly Known as Arts, Commerce and Science College, Chandgad) is determined to provide quality higher education which will cater to the needs of students and society as per the changing global trends in recent times


To build the post independent “New India” every individual should have knowledge, character and a sense of service and dedication. In the context of mission of mother institute (KSM) R.B.M. Mahavidyalaya, Chandgad should constantly strive hard to educate and train the generation of the students capable to contribute to the all sided development of the region, the nation and the humanity at large.

  1. To render valuable service in the field of education by providing the facilities of higher education to the students of nearby villages. 
  2. To propagate the cause of education and to disseminate the knowledge among the students. 
  3. To train the students in various skills for the all round development of their personalities. 
  4. To inculcate moral values and discipline in students. 
  5. To educate women for their emancipation and progress. 
  6. To keep pace with the changing educational social and global scenario. 
  7. To promote the use of technology and introduce ICT’s specially. 
  8. To make efforts to develop the college as the center for community development. 
  9. To aim at the cultural development of villages through education.
  • Our Emblem

Light has been compared to knowledge and ignorance has been compared to darkness since it is in the light that we properly perceive anything and in the dark, we can know nothing. The sun gives its radiations to all without exception. Our objective is that our students must glow like the sun is our objective.

  1. A tree gives a shelter, fruits, flowers, woods and continuous cycling of air and water. Similarly we must take the lesson of service without any exception to the nation is chief trait. We cultivate ecological values and moral values also in our students. 
  2. Book of knowledge containing various branches of education is the goddess of learning and we have to worship the book by getting the necessary knowledge from it and put that knowledge into practice in the life later on. The boy with the book in his hand throws light of this expectation, symbolically. 
  • Our scripture  declared in clear words, All students should therefore see whether they have acquired this trait or not. Knowledge gives one confidence, as he knows his ability and worth. Laziness is a great enemy of man, residing his own body, there is no brother or well wisher better than hard work and if you make it your friend, you will never come to grief. The sun and the moon are very regular in their work and ever busy to give light to others.
  • By preserving the energy, strength and vitality of your mind and various organs you can lead a happy and energetic life like a bullock. Similarly conservation of environment is necessary. Forest is one of the oldest of all the natural resources used by human being. Continuous cycling of air and water is the main ecological function of forest. Our student who is studying with single mind by sitting under the tree shows that one acquired trait of environment awareness.

Our Institute is established in rural and hilly area and it is recognized under 

clause 2 (f) and 12B of the UGC Act. It has been accredited with “B” grade as per the recent NAAC methodology April 2007.

The prime aim of our institute is to inculcate moral values among students and also to enhance the quality of higher education. It is our honest attempt to make our student realize the steps they need to take in order to cope- up with the changing scenario in the field of education and employment. We are trying our level best to improve our innate qualities, adopt new ideas, acquire new skills and try to use better techniques, so as to enhance ourselves in the quality measures. We do introspect and realize that the ultimate aim in the quality pursuit is nothing but endless efforts with positive approach. To channelize and systematize the efforts and measures  of  an  institution  towards academic excellence  the functioning of IQAC is our college is boosted. The institute submits IQAC report every year.

  • The Composition of IQAC.

The IQAC has been constituted in the college under the chairmanship of the principal.       
Composition of the IQAC is as under.

Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr.P.R.Patil Principal of the College
2 Dr. M.M. Mane Co-ordinator
3 Dr. T.A.Kamble Member from teaching faculty
4 Prof. R.K.Telgote Member from teaching faculty
5 Dr. K.N.Nikam Member from teaching faculty
6 Prof. R.S.Gadkari Member from teaching faculty
7 Prof. S.D. Gawade Member from teaching faculty
8 Prof. T.M.Patil Member from teaching faculty
9 Prof. R.N.Salunke Member from teaching faculty
10 Prof. S. K. Sawant Member from teaching faculty
11 Dr.S.P.Bandiwadekar Member of Management
12 Adv.S.L.Patil Member from Society.
13 Mr.R.R. Deshpande Member from Administrative Staff
14 Adv. V.B.Kadukar Member from Student allumni



NAAC Criteria wise Committee for the institute re-accreditation report (RAR)

Committee Name Designation
  • Curricular Aspect
1. Dr.. T.A. Kamble Chairman
  2. Prof. L.N. Gaikwad Member
  3. Prof. S.B.Divekar Member
  4. Prof.    R.P.Desai Member
  • Teaching and Learning Evaluation
1. Prof. R. K. Telgote Chairman
  2. Prof. A.Y.Jadhav Member    
  3. Dr. S.D.Goral Member    
  4. Prof. G. Y. Kamble Member    
  • Research, Consultancy and Extension
1. Dr. K.N. Nikam Chairman
  2. Dr. A.A. Mane Member    
  3. Dr. N.S.Masal Member    
  4. Dr. R. K. Suryawanshi Member    
  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources

1. Prof. R. S. Gadkari

  2. Prof. A.D.Kamble Member
  3. Prof. S. M. Patil Member
  4. Mr. R.V. Ajarekar Member
  • Student Support and progression
1. Prof. S.D.Gawade  Chairman
  2. Dr P. L. Bhadvankar Member
  3. Prof. S.S. Sawant Member
  4. Dr. N.K.Patil Member
  • Governance and Leadership
1. Prof. T.M. Patil Chairman
  2. Prof. S. N. Patil Member
  3. Prof. B. M. Patil Member
  4. Prof. R.S.Patil Member
  • Innovative Practices
1. Prof. R.N.Salunke Chairman
  2. Prof. M. S. Divate Member
  3. Prof. V.K.Gawade Member


Co-ordinator Principal
Dr. M.M.Mane Dr. P. R. Patil