Perspective Plan




                   (June 2015 -2016 to June 2019-2020)

The Perspective Plan for the period of five years commencing from academic year 2015-16 to academic year 2019-20 has been prepared by the College by taking into consideration the quality indicators of seven criterions determined by NAAC. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the college has taken initiatives in preparation of the perspective plan:

Curricular Aspect

  1. To introduce add on course for curriculum enrichment
  2. Additional division for B. Sc and B.Com shall be introduce to meet admission demand.
  3. More academic flexibility shall be made available for B.Sc. students by offering more subjects at final year.
  4.  Field projects / internships to students should be effectively enhanced.

Teaching Learning and Evaluation

  1. Assessing learning level of students to arrange special programs for advanced learners and slow learners.
  2. Use of ICT for effective teaching shall be enhanced. Recent technology like PowerPoint presentation, lectures on YouTube, use of social media, use of MOOC’ courses etc. shall be used.
  3.  E-learning cell for self learning and for advanced learners.
  4. Continuous Internal Evaluation system shall be evolved to evaluate the learning outcomes.
  5. Feedback system shall be widened to improve teaching- learning quality.
  6. Field visits, excursions, industrial visits shall be organized to boost experiential learning.

Research, Innovations and Extension

  1. The functioning of the Research Committee shall be evolved to identify the research potential, to promote the research and to inculcate research culture.
  2. Motivation to organize the workshops / seminars / training programme.
  3. Preparation of proposals for minor and major research projects,seminars/conferences
  4. Academic infrastructure such as instruments, laboratories, ICT facility, Library, INFLIBNET, and other requirements, as per needs shall be provided for carrying out research activity.
  5. Exposure of students to various research areas to handle research projects independently.
  6. The college shall organize National/International seminars, Conferences, Workshops for interaction between intellectuals.
  7. To strengthen the NSS unit for extension activities.
  8. Variety of outreach programmes will be organized by different departments.
  9. Blood Donors’ directory shall be prepared. In time of emergency the blood will be donated to the needy patients at free of cost.
  10. Students shall be exposed to various cross cutting issues for their overall development.
  11. Rallies and awareness programs shall be organized for society benefit.

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  1. More class rooms shall be constructed to meet the needs of increasing strength.
  2. Classrooms shall be equipped with L.C.D. projector.
  3. ICT infrastructure shall be enhanced.
  4. Administrative building, seminar hall shall be constructed.
  5. Ladies and gents toilets facility shall be enhanced.
  6. Pure and safe Drinking water facility shall be provided.
  7. Internet, wi-fi. LAN facility shall be enhanced.
  8. Office shall be computerized with updated software.
  9. Sports facilities shall be enhanced.
  10. Library resources shall be enhanced.
  11. Separate budgetary provision for maintenance of campus infrastructure shall be made.

Student Support and Progression

1.College web-site shall be up graded for more convenient communication.

2. Information about various govt. scholarships shall be displayed on college website.

3.The guidance center for competitive examination in the college shall be strengthened.

4. Lectures & workshops on soft skill development shall be arranged.

5.Bridge courses in all departments shall be introduced .

6.Remedial coaching for slow learners shall be enhanced.

7.Financial assistance shall be given to participate in sport competitions.

8.The cultural activities shall be enhanced by encouraging the students for participation in district level and central youth festivals.

9.More sports and cultural competitions shall be organized.

10.Financial assistance to needy students.

Governance, Leadership & Management

  1. The IQAC shall prepare perspective strategic plan for the years from 2020-2025.
  2. The college shall organize professional development administrative training programs.
  3. MOOC workshop shall be organized.
  4. Month end staff meeting shall be organized regularly to make proper planning and deployment.
  5.  The college shall participate in NIRF.
  6. In time Reaccreditation of the institute shall be done.
  7. Internal audit shall be made rigorously.

Institutional values & best practices

  1. The college shall organize more gender equity promotion programs.
  2. Environment awareness programmes should be enriched.
  3. To save energy existing non LED tubes & bulbs shall be replaced with energy efficient LEDs.
  4. Thought of alternate renewable energy resources.
  5. The rainwater harvesting system shall be improved.
  6.  The college shall implement green practices.
  7.  The college shall make provision for creating facility to differently able students.
  8.  The college shall take more steps to engage with & contribute to local community.
  9. The college shall organize appropriate activities to increase consciousness about national identities, symbols & other constitutional obligations.
  10. The college shall organize programme on fundamental rights and duties of Indian Citizens.