Utilization of Infrastructure and Policy of Maintenance

Utilization of Infrastructure:

          The college ensures the available infrastructure optimally utilized for knowledge transfer, research and extension activities and is in line with its academic growth. The optimal utilization of the physical infrastructure is decided by the head of institute along with IQAC and time table committee. Accordingly time table is prepared to carry out academic work.


Class rooms:  There are 24 class rooms utilized for carrying teaching-learning process. In order of optimal utilization academic activities are conducted in two sessions: Morning and Evening.  In Morning session (7.45a.m to 11.14 a.m) classes of Arts, Commerce & B.Sc-III and science practical’s are conducted, while in Evening session (11.15 a.m. to 5.41 p.m.) classes of  B.Sc- I & II  and science practical’s are conducted.  Sessions are conducted as per allotted Time table. Physical infrastructure is also made available for University Examinations, state board examinations, scholarship Examinations, etc.


Laboratories: There are seven well equipped laboratories used for practical purposes. To ensure optimal use practicals are carried out in three sessions Morning, Afternoon and Evening. In Morning session (7.30 a.m to 11.12 a.m ) B,Sc-II practicals are conducted, In Afternoon session ( 11.15 a.m  to 3.15 p.m), B.Sc-III practicals and in Evening session ( 2.29 p. m to 5. 41 p.m) B.Sc-I practical’s are conducted. Allocation of adequate number of students in each batch and three sessions ensures proper use of available resources.  


Library:The College Library is maintained very well and has 13,000 resources available including text books, subject reference and reference books.  Apart from this e-resources, periodicals and academic CDs are also available. These resources are optimally used through well planned circulation time table. The library is computerized with the facilities of library software, OPAC, INFLIBNET, UGC-Network Resource Center, Wi-Fi, e-repository etc. The library provides inter library loan service, reprography services and reading room facility. For the effective use of the library, the library arranges various programmers like library orientation programme, information literacy programme, book exhibitions, etc. Apart from college students and faculty, high school and junior college teachers, members of the institute and the students preparing for  competitive examination also use library facilities.


Gymkhana:The sport facilities includes playground, Indoor games facility and gymnasium. They are used for regular practice and arranging sports competitions. Student use these facilities early in the morning before 8.00 am and in the evening session after 4.00 pm. Playground is also made available for utilization to  stakeholders in the holidays.


Computers and other ICT infrastructure: College has well equipped computer laboratory associated with 34 computers with internet connectivity. Apart from practical purpose it is also used for carrying COC course, training sessions and for administration process including admission process. Computers and other ICT infrastructure in the college office, staff room, laboratories, and library are utilized for smooth administration, record keeping, and for transfer of knowledge. Other ICT facilities like Printers, Projectors, Podium, Laptops, Speakers, Visualizer etc. are in common use. These facilities are in the possession of office and are easily accessible to the faculty for use.


Seminar Hall: The college has three seminar halls. Kiran Thakur Seminar Hall and Gogate Hall is utilized for carrying workshops, seminars, guest lectures, celebration of days and other co-curricular activities, while “Guruvarya S.N.Patil Multi-purpose hall” having  1000 seating capacity is utilized for college annual functions, for arranging national/ state level seminars/ conferences and for cultural activities. It is also made available to stakeholders on holidays for arranging cultural events, society functions etc.



The college has its own mechanism for maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, facilities and equipments.

  •  The college has building and maintenance committee to look after maintenance of physical infrastructure on the campus.
  • Classrooms are kept clean and dustbins are located at necessary places to collect solid wastes in the campus.
  • Students and faculties are make aware to keep campus clean.
  • Care is taken to provide safe and clean drinking water.
  • Maintenance of furniture is done by skilled carpenter, strategically appointed by the institution, as non-teaching staff.
  • Maintenance of toilet is done by outside person on daily wages.
  • The major maintenance and repairs are outsourced through external agencies.
  • In-campus lighting, maintenance of electrical supply is look after by electrification committee.
  • The laboratory equipment and instruments are calibrated and look after by Lab assistance and laboratory attendance.
  • Stock and issue registers are maintained by laboratory assistant.
  • Laboratory breakage register is maintained by supporting staff.
  • The HoDs along with laboratory staff conduct stock verification at the end of every year and reported to the Principal.
  • Requirements for the next year are identified and communicated to the office..
  • The computers and all other IT facilities are updated periodically as per requirement. The annual maintenance contract (AMC) is made with external agencies to look after maintenance.
  • Library Advisory Committee helps for betterment of library work. Library software is used to maintain all necessary library record. Library is kept clean with the help of supporting staff.
  • Maintenance of playground is done with the help of sports committee. Gymnasium is maintained by supporting staff.