Remedial Coaching Class

Remedial coaching class facility is available in the institute for the slow learners and students belonging to SC, ST, and Minorities students of general categories can also join these classes. These classes are conducted keeping in mind the area of interest that seems difficult to the students in any subjects.

Usually, these classes commence from August every year. That is four lectures of each subject in the first term and so on in the second term .Conducting tests, students are assessed and guided accordingly. Students are also provided study material and reference books for better improvement. The aim of remedial coaching classes is to achieve better results in university examination, and acquire soft skills in various disciplines.

  1. To identify slow learners on the basis of the marks obtained in the previous exam as well as tests conducted in the classes.
  2. To select area of their difficulties and arrange programs to remove these difficulties.
  3. To conduct classes of selected subject by the faculties of the respective department.
  4. To minimize drop out ratio.
  5. To strive for overall development of students.
  6. To fulfill their academic requirements.
  7. To focus on students of the rural and hilly region who are relatively in soft skills.
  8. To asses to what extent remedial coaching classes have been beneficial.
  1. In the first term, four lectures of remedial coaching classes are organized for in which coaching is demanded by the students.
  2. Students are guided by the respective faculties in case of difficulties they face.
  3. Providing special study material and library facilities to the students.
  4. Keeping separate sheet of their assessment till end of every academic year.
  5. To conduct a lecture to create general learning awareness among the respective students.
Subject Taught:
  1. Accountancy
  2. English
  3. Economics
  4. Statistics
  5. Mathematics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics