Year of Establishment
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Course Structure

Stream Class Paper No Semester Theory Marks Internal Marks Practical Marks Total Marks
    Chem-I Sem.-I 50      
    Chem-II Sem.-I 50      
B.Sc I Chem-III Sem.-II 50 50 250  
    Chem-IV Sem.-II 50      
    Chem-V Sem.-III 50      
B.Sc II Chem-VI Sem.-III 50   100 300
    Chem-VII Sem.-IV 50      
    Chem-VIII Sem.-IV 50      
    Chem-IX Sem.-V 40 10    
B.Sc III Chem-X Sem.-V 40 10   600
    Chem-XI Sem.-V 40 10    
    Chem-XII Sem.-V 40 10    
    Chem-XIII Sem.-VI 40 10    
    Chem-XIV Sem.-VI 40 10 200  
    Chem-XV Sem.-VI 40 10    
    Chem-XVI Sem.-VI 40 10    


  Name of the Department   CHEMISTRY
1 Year of Establishment   20-06- 1998
2 Built up area   93.72 sq.m
3 Number of Teachers sanctioned and present position 09-F.T. 04-F.T. 06-CHB
4 Number of Administrative Staff   01
5 Number of Technical Staff   01
6 Number of Teachers and Students Teachers-11   Students-478
7 Number of Ongoing projects and its total outlay -  
8 Number of Books in the Departmental Library, if any   25
9 Number of Computers   02
10 Number of students graduated   >600


Name of faculty Designition Qualification Experience Email
Dr. M. M.Mane  Assit.Professor M.Sc. SET, Ph.D 19 Yrs
Mr. M. S. Divate  Assit.Professor M.Sc. B.Ed 18 Yrs  
Dr. R. N. Salunke  Assit.Professor M.Sc. Ph.D 18 Yrs
Dr. T. M. Wandre  Assit.Professor  M.Sc. Ph.D   2 yr

Extension  Services-

Number of extension activities such as, AIDS awareness programme, Environment awareness, IT awareness programme and carrier guidance as well as placement programmes, work shop on water and soil analysis for college students and society to create awareness, and inculcate social and scientific tempor

Consultancy Services-

Department provides self supporting course (COC) “Water & soil analysis” through which consultancy made available in following area

Name of consultancy Faculty Beneficiary
Water analysis Mane M. M Farmers & society
  Divate M. S  
  Salunke R. N.  
Soil analysis Mane M. M Farmers
  Divate M. S  
  Salunke R. N.  

Research Activities
Faculty members of department are involved in following research  activities
Minor research project completed              

Title Investigator Funding agency Duration Amount
Water analysis of Salunke R. N U.G.C 2 Yrs 1,00,000
Tamraparni  River        

Individual research

1) Dr. M.M.Mane       Publications  - International journals :08   National:01

Chemistry department has well equipped with digital instruments like potentiometer, conductometer, Colorimeter, PH meter, refractometer, heating furnace, electric oven & digital balance

Meritorious Alumni

Sr.No Name of Alumni Qualification Present Occupation
1 Patil Manoj G. M.Sc Chemist in Cipla Pharma ,Goa
2 Patil Nagesh L. M.Sc Chemist in Cipla Pharma ,Goa
3 Samangadkar Yatin S. M.Sc R & D Officer in Gharda chemicals,Khed
4 Patil Ranjeet S. M.Sc Chemist at Cipla , Goa
5 Pawale S.L M.Sc BEd Lecturer at Karve,Chandgad
6 Miss. Rathod Madhavi G M.BA, LLB Area Manager in HDFC
7 Jadhav Tukaram S. M.Sc Chemist
8 Sawant- Bhosale R.I M.Sc Chemist at cipla, Goa
9 Miss.Kanekar Varsha G. MBA Sales Executive
10 Powar Vajnath MSc Competative Exam
11 Dalavi Shankar B. M.Sc, SET Research fellow 
12 Gawas Pradeep A. MCA Lecturer at Chandgad
13 Kamble Sangram B. MCA IT Eng.Pune
14 Divate Rajkumar M. MBA Marketing Manager in zuventes pharma., Ratnagiri
15 Bokade Rahul M. B.Sc. BEd Assit. Teach Chandgad
16 Patil Bhushan A. B.Sc. BEd Assit. Teach HERE Chandgad
17 Tupare Bharmu B.Sc. BEd Assit. Teach Karve Chandgad
18 Gawade Tukaram B. B.Sc. BEd Assit. Teach Chandgad
19 Kharade Mahesh L. M.Sc. Chemist at panavel
20 Miss.Patil Mrunal G B.Sc Chemist Cipla, Goa
21 Mr. Gawade Surykant S. M.Sc. Assit. Prof
22 Zende Sachin P. B.Sc Tech Support Engg. Colgate Pamolive Ltd.