The college provides canteen facility to the students, which is up course a favourite hunt for them in the spare time. The tasty and hygienic food is available to them in the affordable price. The favourite food made in Candgadi style along with some other Indian dishes, especially Vadapav, Puri-Bhaji, Misal-Pav, etc., is the centre of attraction for the students. It is located at the convenient place which is accessible to all including students and staff of senior as well as junior college.



·        Natural but safe and pure water

·        Mobile-Laptop charging points

·        Food prepared with rustic/ Chandgadi flavour

·        Service of all types of snacks and dishes


·        Spacious and secure

·        Separate seating arrangement for staff, girls and boys

·        Hygienic food service

·        Cleanliness of the canteen campus