Grievances Redressal Cell

Need : – Students face various problems or difficulties while pursuing  their higher education. To resolve the problems and Grievances of the students, it is necessary to have a separate provision in the institute. Considering their problems, Grievance Redressal Mechanism is activated in the institute.

Objectives :

1. To facilitate smooth functioning of the institute                                                                                       

2. To as certain effective solution to the student’s grievances with an impartial and fair approach.                                                                                                                                                       

3. To help creating healthy atmosphere in the institute.                                                                           

4. To take care of giving injustice to all the stakeholders.                                                                       

 5. To solve maximum of the grievances (complaints) at college level                                                   

6. To help avoiding judicial cases.

Grievance Redressal Committee

Mr.B.M.Patil                 Chairperson

Mr.R.S.Patil                    Member

Dr. S.D.Goral                  Member


The institute has Grievance redressal cell headed by the principal to address and redress the grievances. Prompt and effective disposal of grievances of various stakeholders being done by Grievance redressal committee. For the women there is separate committee named ‘ Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) ’ to redress their grievances.  All the stakeholders such as students, parents, teaching and non teaching staff may file their difficulties before the committee. The mechanism is very efficient and prompt to resolve all the grievances impartially. Stakeholders can contact with the committee without hesitation. To access the grievances in the free and fearless atmosphere, complaint box (Suggestion box) is kept in the college. Periodically grievances in the complaint box are verified with following proper mechanism. If needed, Grievance Redressal Committee seeks the guidance of the principal. Especially in case of employees, complicated grievances are resolved with the help of and under the guidance of mother institute.

Stakeholders are suggested to give their complaints or file their grievances through three different ways to the committee. Complaintant  can  contact to any faculty member to convey  their complaints or if the stakeholders want to hide his / her identity, he / she can take  the help of suggestion box. . It is then handed over to Grievances Redressal Committee   (GRC)  or complaintant can directly contact to the GRC.  GRC arranges meetings time to time to resolve the grievances. If possible,  maximum  of  the complaints solved on the initial level. Some complex grievances are solved under the guidance of the principal. Only few, sensitive  problems  are solved under the guidance of mother institute.