Incubation center

Incubation and Innovation Center Committee

Co-ordinator - Dr. S. D. Goral

Members       - Dr. M. M. Mane

            - Dr.  K. N. Nikam

                         Dr. N. K. Patil

                         Mr. S.N.Patil


           Incubation center term is recently introduced in our institute in the academic year 2017-18 to work towards the overall development of the students as well as Institution. However institute was doing the similar activities under various headings such as, skill development programmes, entrepreneurship development, Avishkar research activity, Research sensitization scheme, placement activities, study material, organizing workshops, awareness programmes, extension activities and other related activities

The following are the initiatives taken by institution in this regards.

1. Institute has signed the MOUs and established linkages & collaborations with various agencies and institutes, for faculty exchange, student exchange, internship, fieldtrip, on-the-job training, research skill development, e-repository, workshops for farmers and society, human right workshop, woman empowerment, Birth anniversaries of great peoples etc.

2. Knowledge creation and transfer policy was set by IQAC and college research committee work with aims and objectives of this policy.

Knowledge Creation and Transfer Policy was set by IQAC and college research committee, work with aims and objectives of this policy
: Development of robust and straight forward procedures of knowledge transfer for the benefit of the stakeholders of the Institute
Research committee, incubation center, and publication committee are looking after
implementation of this policy. The college has establish MOUs, linkages, and collaborations with industries and institutes to share innovative ideas. The college has planned the Promotion of e-publication and development of e-content.

  1Department of Physics and Chemistry published practical handbooks funded by the college.
  2 The college has established MOUs with Various institutes.
  3 Publication of proceedings of conferences and seminars
  4 College has organized a placement camp. Total 180 candidates were selected for different companies

Aims and Objectives:

To tap and nurture innovative ideas in business and research among students.

To facilitate financial assistance for developing start up, and enterprises from different agencies.

To communicate and transfer the knowledge and expertise available with the institute to community.

To nurture the  skill development activities in the institute.

To establish collaboration with other institutes.

Mechanism of Incubation center:

The incubation center is established with appointing the appropriate faculty as its co-ordinator. The institute has provided the financial support to carry different activities of incubation center.

The following activities are to be incorporated in incubation center.

1. Introduction of the concept of the incubation center among faculty and students by conduction of awareness programme and various activities.

2. Organization of surveys with the help of students to tap the local needs having seeds of ideas of business.

3. Establishment of collaborations with institutes and other industry or agencies to share and transfer the knowledge.

4. Generation of funds for research