Academic Competitions

Competition in any form brings out the best in students and pushes them to excel. It allows students to extend themselves, to exploit their real capabilities and maximize their true potential. Education and competition are intimately related and complementary to each other. Different competitions are essential for overall development of students.



  • To explore the potential of students.
  • To provide the platform to the students to perform.
  • To increase the quality and skills of students.
  • To help the students to assess the strengths and weaknesses.
  • To help students to manage success and failure.
  • To facilitate overall development of students.


Competitive activities organized in the college:

  • Essay Competitions
  • Elocution Competitions
  • Debate  Competitions
  • Rangoli  Competitions


State Level Elocution Competition:

On the occasion of birth anniversary, December 1st,  of renowned educationalist and ex-chairman of Khedut Shikshan Mandal late Shri  R.B. Madkholkrar  our college organizes ‘State Level Elocution Competition’ . Students from all over Maharashtra participate in the competition.